Beginner Bow and Arrow Set for Adults

You may be wondering if you’re better off buying a bow and arrow set or buying the accessories individually. If you’re a novice then getting a beginner bow and arrow set for adults saves time and is less costly.

We’ve reviewed three of the best entry-level bow and arrow sets for adults so you don’t have to do any extra research. We’ve also taken the liberty to add a few extra tips on how to gauge if a bow is right for you.

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XQMART Right-Handed Compound Bow Package

This beginner bow and arrow set for adults is a right-handed model. It has a high let-off of close to 80% which should allow you to shoot arrows quite straight even with a less than perfect release. Usually, the higher the let-off rating the better the bow is for beginners.

The draw length is adjustable between 19” and 30” and the draw weight can go from 19 to 70 lbs. The bow can be set for as low as 19 lbs. and still perform rather well. It’s when you go past the 60 lbs. draw weight that things start to get tricky. The manufacturers tried stretching the design a bit too far in our opinion. And, because of it we don’t recommend using the maximum draw if you’re shooting for proficiency.

The axle-to-axle distance is 28” which is just what an adult bow needs. The grip is quite comfortable and it’s made of a composite material. The finish on the bow is impressive for a beginner bow and arrow set for adults.

The riser is made of cast aluminum. What’s interesting is that the bow is only 3.31 lbs. which is quite light for an adult model.

Let’s talk a bit about the arrows. They’re nothing special but they are optimized for this XQMART compound entry-level bow across its entire draw range. The set includes 12 carbon arrows of 30” each.

Here is a full list of attachments:

• 5-pin bow sight
• Brush arrow rest and replacement
• Rubber stabilizer
• Bow release
• 6 pc. quiver
• D-loop
• Peep sight
• Bow stand
• Arrow puller
• String wax
• Allen key
• Limb dampers
• Braided bow sling

As you can see, you’re getting everything you need short of a target to shoot at.

The good
The wide draw weight range is perhaps this package’s best feature. It allows users to get quite far in terms of progress. You also get to experience shooting with different arrow heads, shaft lengths, and different targets, all with the same bow.

The bad
It’s sad to see such a complete compound bow and arrow set not having both right-handed and left-handed variations. This model is not for lefties so if that’s a requirement, you have to look somewhere else.

• Wide range draw weight and length
• 12 training arrows
• Lightweight
• All tools and accessories included

• Right-handed model only
• Max draw weight puts too much strain on the bow

D&Q Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Package

Another interesting beginner bow and arrow set for adults is this D&Q package. It features 12 fiberglass training arrows of decent quality and a takedown recurve bow which you can take on the road at any time.

The bow has a draw weight range of 30 to 60 lbs. It has an ergonomic grip which should help beginners become faster acquainted to pulling the string. Despite what the manufacturer says, the bow isn’t the easiest to assemble and disassemble, not at first anyway.

As is the case with all recurve bows, the draw weight range is not adjustable. There are 7 different models for you to choose from with draw weight increment of 5 lbs. Some models also come in different colors.

The quality of this recurve bow allows for the arrow speed to match that of a compound bow. The use of fiberglass for the arrow shaft is interesting to say the least because fiberglass is not the most durable material.

However, it’s the combination of affordability and high durability that makes them important in this case. Because of the fiberglass arrows, this D&Q starter pack is cheaper than most of its competition. If you’re on a tight budget this may be an important consideration.

The included dampeners help improve the stability of the recurve bow. They also go a long way towards absorbing shock and limiting vibrations. Therefore, this D&Q takedown recurve bow is one of the quietest around.

The list of attachments is not as long as some of the other models we’ve reviewed. However, it does include some nice accessories like an arm guard and a finger guard which should come in handy to beginners. They make shooting more comfortable and act as an extra layer of protection when just starting out.

Here is a full list of accessories and attachments:

• Bow sight
• String nocks
• Finger guard
• Arm guard
• Bow case
• Arrow rest
• Bow stringer
• 12 fiberglass arrows

The good
Having both replaceable field points and fixed filed tips for the arrows is a nice touch. While it’s doubtful you’ll notice the difference at first, once you get accustomed to shooting the bow, you’ll be able to make your own adjustments and further increase your accuracy by picking the right arrow for each situation.

The bad
One minor downside of this recurve bow is that it requires some knowledge to assemble – takedown bows don’t come preassembled. Although there is a guide in the package with clear instructions and plenty of video references online, it’s not the easiest to put together especially if you have zero archery experience.


• Replaceable field points
• Fixed filed tips
• Multiple accessories included
• Safety attachments included
• Two available colors
• High arrow speed for a recurve bow

• Right-handed model only
• The arrows are not good for the 30-, 35-, and 40-lbs. draw weight bows

XQMART XGeek Takedown Recurve Bow Package

The last beginner bow and arrow set for adults on our list is also an interesting package. This time we’re looking at a takedown recurve bow from XQMART. If you thought their beginner compound bow package was cool, you’ll probably like this one too.

The XGeek bow is lightweight and comes in five different draw weight classes. The visuals are superior to the above two packages since this one has five available colors for you to choose from.

Unlike the fiberglass arrows that come with the D&Q, the XQMART XGeek package has better arrow to bow optimization. These arrows can shoot at high speeds and with a high degree of accuracy regardless of which draw weight model you choose.

And, even better, the arrows are also made of fiberglass which helps bring down the cost of the entire package.

The durability of the bow is not in question; everything is top-notch. However, there are some slight manufacturing flaws. One of the most noticeable ones is regarding the sight. In some cases it can slide off, so you might need to personally fix that.

If not, you could always make use of the lifetime warranty and get it fixed. But, depending on how long it takes to get it fixed this way, you might not want to do it. After all, it’s a beginner bow so you want to spend your time practicing your stance, draw, and aim, not waiting for a new sight.

Here is a list of all the attachments and accessories:

• Arrow puller
• Bowstring wax
• Allen key
• Bow stringer
• Arrow rest
• Stabilizer
• Finger guard
• Arm guard
• Quiver
5-pin bow sight
• 6 arrows
• Bow stand

The good
This XQMart recurve bow package is minimalist but efficient. While the design is not impressive it’s worth pointing out that the huge list of accessories ensures you have everything at your disposal to start using the bow.

The bad
The only real downside is that it’s not really a bow that can take you very far. It is durable but its efficiency tends to fall off once you reach a certain skill level. The lack of adjustability is also a deciding factor here.

• Complete package of accessories
• Quality arrows
• Multiple draw weight models
• 5 color options

• Falls off after a while
• You may experience issues with the fit of the bow sight

Recurve Bows vs. Compound Bows

Recurve bows are used in competitions (because compound bows are so advanced that they’re not allowed in most serious competitions). We like that recurve bows are easy to pull at first. It gives beginners a nice head start.

On the downside, the closer you get to a full draw, the greater the toll it is on your muscles. It takes a lot of strength to maintain a full draw with a recurve bow. And you often need to take extra time to aim so it’s possible that you won’t be able to hold the draw sufficiently.

Compound bows work a bit differently. As you raise the bow and pull back on the string, you’ll notice that the tension makes it hard. It continues to get harder still once you increase the draw but it also reaches a point where the tension loosens up.

This momentum is also known as the ‘let off’ point. It’s the maximum draw for releasing the arrow. It differs from a recurve bow because the pulleys are doing most of the work for you. At the same time, releasing the string at the ‘let off’ point ensures that the arrow flies straight with equal force as it would have from a recurve bow.

In terms of shooting length and accuracy, both bows are quite comparable. The difference is seen in the skill of the archer. If you’re experienced enough, there’s no reason why a recurve bow would be more tiring to you.

However, for most beginners, compound bows seem to have a bit of an advantage, at least until you get the hang of aiming and hitting the targets. The extra bit of maximum draw time that you get with a compound bow can have a big impact on how fast you learn to shoot your arrows straight.

One significant advantage of a recurve bow is its portability (the takedown version). If you don’t have the luxury of practicing near your home, a three-piece takedown bow is a lot easier to take on the road.

What Riser Material to Choose?

There are really only two choices these days, especially when talking about beginner-level bows. The risers are either aluminum or carbon. So what are the characteristics of each and what do they mean for you?

For one, carbon risers are a bit more expensive. However, they do help manage the overall weight of the bow and they also do a good job of minimizing vibrations upon release. A high-quality carbon riser may eliminate the need for a stabilizer.

Aluminum risers differ greatly from one another, more so than competing carbon risers. It depends on how they are made.

• CNC machined
• Cast
• Drop forged

At the high-end of the price spectrum sit CNC machined aluminum risers. They’re nearly flawless which is why you pay a premium. At the low end, you’ll find cast aluminum risers. By no means are they bad.

Although they’re wildly popular with entry-level bows, you should know that even some Olympians were using them in the recent past.

Whichever riser you end up getting will have a different shooting feel. The price has more to do with the quality of the finish rather than the shooting experience.

Accessories and Attachments

When looking for a beginner bow and arrow set for adults, you’ll want all the right accessories to go with the bow so that you don’t need to go on a shopping spree for a full experience.

For example, the most important accessory that you can and should get for a beginner set is obviously arrows. The more the better. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the arrow since you’re not getting them for professional competitions or elk hunting.

The good thing about arrows that come in a complete bow and arrow set is that they’re usually paired to perfection to the bow’s specs.

Allen keys for draw length adjustments are also important. String wax is essential as most beginner bows need a wax coating before shooting them for the first time. A decent rubber stabilizer could also be part of the deal.

A peep sight or a D-loop is also important to improve a beginner’s accuracy. A bow stand and a quiver are also essential and usually these should be part of any novice bow and arrow set, whether it’s for adults or kids.

We find that often times these little extras are what make the difference between a must-have set and everything else. For one, they save you tons of extra shopping. Secondly, you know that you don’t have to worry about everything fitting together.


If there’s one sure thing, it’s that compound bows are currently the most popular in the US. Whether that is enough for you to buy a beginner bow and arrow set for adults with a pulley system, it’s up to you.

We believe that both recurve and compound bows can be equally beneficial learning tools for adults. The difference will likely be made by your own strength and quickness.

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