Best 5 Pin Bow Sight for Hunting

5 pin bow sights are fantastic bow hunting accessories. They come with a high level of adjustability and they help make shooting easier and more accurate. That being said, there are so many options to choose from that it might make your head spin. Today, we want to talk about all of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing one, so you can get the best 5 pin bow sight for hunting.

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The 5-pin sights from Trophy is a goto brand when it comes to sights and I personally use the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight and a good friend of my use the Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight and we are both very happy with these sights!

How To Choose a 5 Pin Bow Sight

You don’t want to buy just any 5 pin bow sight because you might end up with something that doesn’t suit your needs. There are a variety of factors that you should take into account before making your final purchase.

Pin Size

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is how large the pins s are. This is important, especially for a 5 pin bow sight. The standard pin size is 0.019 inches, although there are also pins that are substantially larger or smaller. What is important to note is that smaller pin sizes tend to allow for more accuracy.

That small pin lets you zero in on a specific part of the target, whereas with a larger pin size, you will cover a whole target with said pin, but being able to zero in on a specific part of that target is not going to be easy. For most general purposes, a pin diameter of 0.019 inches will do just fine, but if you are into really competitive shooting, you may want to opt for a smaller pin size.

Pin Color

Another important factor is what color the pins in the sight are. Color is going to make a difference, a big one. For one, it’s usually best to go with brightly colored pins that are easy to see in most light conditions. If you plan on shooting in low-light conditions, or even during the night, something like a bright green pin would be ideal. However, if you plan on shooting in bright light conditions, something slightly darker would probably serve you better.

What you also need to keep in mind is color contrast. For instance, if you plan on hunting in the woods during the spring and summer, there is going to be a lot of green around, so having green pins might not be best, as the lack of contrast will make the pins hard to see, and therefore harder to aim with.

So, make sure the pins are of a color that stands out against the background you are shooting in, and make sure it’s the right color for the light conditions too.

Pin Brightness

Yet another crucial aspect to think about when purchasing a 5 pin bow sight is how bright the pins are. Although this is related to the color of the pins, it’s not quite the same because there are tons of pin sights out there where the pins are illuminated in some way, whether through electronics or old-school glow-in-the-dark tech.

 Generally speaking, you want there to be some sort of brightness or illumination to the pins, as this will allow the pins to really stand out against any background, thus making it easier to see the pins and to aim with. However, you do not want the pins to be too bright, especially when the light levels are low.

A bright light will ruin your ability to see in the dark and it will wash out your target in light, thus effectively blinding you. Now, the convenient aspect of most modern bow sights, whether single pin or multi-pin, is that for the most part, the brightness level of the pins is usually adjustable, so you can turn the brightness up or down depending on your needs.

Pin Adjustability and Range

So, 5 pin bow sights, of course, have 5 pins, and each of the pins represents a certain distance, which should, therefore, make it easier to aim and hit a target. What is important to consider, for one, is if the pins are fixed or adjustable.

Now, for the most part, 5 pin bow sights will be fixed in nature. In other words, each of the 5 pins represents a distance, such as 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. With fixed sights, those distances cannot be adjusted.

However, there are also more modern 5 pin bow sights which may be adjustable, where you can adjust the position of the pins to represent different distances. This allows you to adjust the pins in various ways to meet your exact hunting needs.

Bowhunting is usually not done at further out than 50 yards, but having a bow sigh than can be adjusted to reach further is still a benefit. However, the trick is that if you adjust the pins for various distances, you do need to be able to remember the distance which each pin is set to.

Overall Adjustability

The next thing to keep in mind is how adjustable the 5 pin bow sight is. Your 5 pin bow sight should be adjustable for windage or wind speed, and angle or elevation. If your bow sight cannot be adjusted for both of these factors, you will find that you will have a hard time hitting your target, especially on a windy day or if shooting from an elevated position.

Moreover, bow sights like this usually have 2 main methods of adjustments to choose from.

Some models require an Allen wrench, or another type of wrench to make adjustments. The benefit is that adjustments are rather permanent in the sense that the bolts will not move on their own, thus things won’t change unless you want them to. However, the downside is that making fine adjustments is a bit more difficult, plus you need a special tool to do so.

The other version to go with is a simple knob or micro-dial. These dials allow you to make adjustments quickly and easily on the fly without the need for any special tools. On the other hand, the knobs or dials may slightly rotate on their own, especially during taking a shot or when you are walking around, thus requiring adjustments to be made more often.

Size and Weight

The next vital factor which you should consider when purchasing a 5 pin bow sight is how large and heavy the model is, with weight being the more important of the two.

Now, in terms of weight, if you have something that is fairly heavy, chances are that the bow sight in question is made with thick and durable materials that will last for some time. Moreover, heavier sights may also be heavier due to the fact that they come with some special features. This will of course make the bow sight larger too.

On the other hand, smaller and lighter bow sights may not be made with overly durable materials, and they probably won’t have any special features either. That said, there are some really high-quality units which are durable and lightweight.

Although durability is key, you want to find something lightweight. Remember that heavy bow sights will throw off your balance, thus making it harder to aim. However, if you have some muscle, a heavier sight may add some stability to the equation. It’s a clear trade-off that you have to think about.

Durability and Construction

Of course, durability is always important. You need to get a bow sight that can handle a decent amount of punishment and will withstand the test of time. Pins can be a bit fragile, depending on what you get.

Now, smaller pin diameters are usually best for accurate aiming, but larger pins are more solid and durable. It’s another trade-off that needs to be considered, and it’s why it is usually best to go with mid-sized pins.

However, if you find a high-quality unit, you might be able to find pins which are both small and durable. Moreover, the overall durability of the sight should considered as well, especially the fiber optics and housing.

A wrapped or reinforce fiber optic housing is always good to have, something that is impact and shock resistant, which can keep the pins safe and sound. Simply put, there are many different bow sights, so read the reviews and be sure that you get a model which is highly rated for durability.

Price, Brand Name, and Warranty

There ae plenty of high quality 5 pin bow sights out there and that being said, the brand name is going to make a difference.

Well-known archery brands are generally going to have higher quality products, whereas generic products usually won’t live up to the strict demands and harsh conditions of bow hunting. What we really mean to say is that you get what you pay for, which is especially true with this kind of thing.

It is strongly recommended that you don’t cheap out and get something really inexpensive; it is worth investing a few extra dollars into something with a high level of durability and lots of useful features. On a side note, you also want to pay attention to the warranty. If you buy something expensive, it should last for a long time, but things can and do go wrong, so having a long-term and all-encompassing warranty is never a bad idea.

Hand Orientation

The final thing you should keep in mind before making a purchase is what the hand orientation of the 5 pin bow sight in question is. Some units are designed for right-handed shooters and others for lefties. There are also many bow sights out there which are ambidextrous and can be used by both left- and right-handed shooters. On a side note, you should look for a model that is easy to mount, and that once it is mounted, it is secure.

Best 5 Pin Bow Sights For Hunting Recommendations

Here we have what that is often considered some of the best 5 pin bow sights for hunting. We have two models that we want to cover, and both are pretty top-notch in their own ways.

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight

When it comes to high-quality 5 pin bow sights loaded with awesome tech, the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight might just be the best out there. Now, be aware that this model is quite expensive, but as we mentioned above, you get what you pay for, and you do get a whole lot. Right off the bat, the most impressive feature is the React Technology.

This means that the pins automatically adjust to the optimal locations based on arch calculations, and once 2 pins are accurately sighted in, all other pins will automatically adjust themselves to the appropriate position out to 60 yards; adjusting the pins in a 5 pin bow sight has never been quite this easy.

Something else which stands out about the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight is that it comes with 4 mounting positions, and it is very easy to mount, plus it can be used by both right- and left-handed shooters. What is also worth noting is that this model is very durable. The Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight is made with stainless steel hardware with a solid aluminum assembly, plus solid pins too. This sight is very durable and tough, but what is surprising is that it’s not overly heavy.

Going back to the pins, there are 5 pins, with all being bright green, except for the center pin, which is red. You can choose from 0.01 and 0.019-inch pins to suit your needs; they are ultra-bright fiber optic pins that are very easy to see, and the brightness level is adjustable.

Finally, the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight also allows for easy windage, elevation, second axis, and third axis adjustments. It’s one of the most highly adjustable 5 pin sights out there.

Read more about the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight on Amazon

Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight

Here we have a much more affordable 5 pin sight to go with from the same brand name, but less than half the price. Of course, being more affordable means that it doesn’t have quite the same level of quality or number of features, but it will still do just fine for most basic hunting and target shooting needs.

Although this is one of the more affordable models, what is impressive is that it still comes with that same React Tech discussed above. You only have to adjust 2 pins on your own, and using this React Tech, the other pins then adjust themselves. Once again, it’s a very simple yet reliable way to adjust the pins.

What you might also like about the Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight is that you can easily make adjustments for windage and elevation, plus second axis adjustments, with simple dials that do not require tools. Although, unlike the model above, this sight does not allow for third axis adjustments.

We want to say that the Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight is built tough with all metal components. Now, it’s not quite as tough as the pricier model reviewed above, but it still holds its own. There’s also the fact that this model is easy to mount with 4 mounting positions, and it can be used by both left- and right-handed shooters.

Finally, in terms of the pins, they are high quality and bright fiber optic pins which are easy to see, with an adjustable brightness level, surrounded by an illuminated ring. Keep in mind that the pin size is 0.019.

Read more about the Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight on Amazon


If you plan on going hunting and you want a sight that makes shooting easy, especially when it comes to various distance, a good 5 pin bow sight is a great way to go. We have taken a look at two of the best, but there are also many more out there.

The most important thing for you to do is to evaluate what your own needs and skills are, and then compare those with the various factors which we discussed in our buyer’s guide section. If you do this and you take your time doing so, you should have no problems finding the best 5 pin bow sight for hunting.

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