Best Carbon Arrows For Traditional Archery

Doing traditional archery and hunting requires a lot of specialist equipment if you want to make sure that you get a good shot every time.

However, a lot of the time, we focus on tuning our bows and making sure that all the components are in good working order. But what new archers don’t consider as frequently are the types of arrows that they are using.

Modern arrows are made from a variety of materials and the type that you use will vastly depend on the type of archery you do. But carbon arrows are excellent for both target practice and hunting, making them one of the most diverse types of arrow on the market.

But which is the best one?

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of our top picks for carbon arrows and giving you all the information you need to know about these essential pieces of archery equipment.

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Why Use Carbon Arrows?

One of the major advantages of using carbon arrows is their durability. Carbon is a very lightweight material so you could be forgiven for thinking that it isn’t very good in terms of being robust.

However, the opposite is true and carbon is one of the most durable materials known to know; diamonds are a form of carbon and they are the hardest material in the world. It isn’t, therefore, difficult to determine that carbon is an excellent choice of arrow material.

You will, however, notice that the cost of carbon arrows is significantly higher than those that are made from other materials such as wood. While it is true that they require a larger initial investment, these arrows will be able to endure a lot more.

Carbon arrows can be fired hundreds of times without sustaining anywhere near as much damage as their weaker cousins and for this reason, you will likely save money in the long run.

This heightened durability also makes the arrows perfect for hunting large game. Other materials may not be able to handle hitting such a beefy target and may break easily, especially when they are being pulled out. Furthermore, when you are out in the wild, there are several ways an arrow could become damaged, carbon will withstand a lot of this.

Another reason that they will take a lot of battering is that this is a much more flexible material than some of the other things used in making arrows.

This means that even though they will bend slightly when hitting their target, they will return to their original shape very easily.

Arrows are meant to be straight but this is more easily achieved during the manufacturing process than some other materials. For this reason, carbon arrows tend to be a lot more accurate. If you are familiar with archery, you will know that accuracy is key and while practice makes perfect, a lot of how accurate your aim is depends on your equipment.

Carbon arrows are typically more expensive than other types of arrow but that doesn’t mean that they are unobtainable to all archers. There are very high-end examples of the carbon arrow but also those which are much more affordable and still produce excellent results for both hunting and target practice.

With this in mind, it is also worth pointing out that carbon arrows are one of the most versatile types of arrows. They are fast-flying and accurate which makes them perfect for use at the shooting range.

On the flip side, their durability and long life span make them ideal for bowhunters.

The Best Carbon Arrows

It doesn’t take a huge amount of searching to find that there are thousands of different carbon arrows on the market.

Manufacturers are always competing for your attention and so you will often see claims of pinpoint accuracy, excellent durability and quality craftsmanship; but can you trust this?

Most of the time, these claims will be backed up by an arrow that lives up to expectations but occasionally, manufacturers will try to sell you an inferior product.

For this reason, we have put together details on two of, what we consider to be the best carbon arrows currently available.

Carbon Express Maxima – Top Pick

These arrows are designed for maximum accuracy. They have a unique nocking system that is designed to the ultimate precise release. Not only this, but the design means that every shot will remain consistent; no more missing your target because of substandard arrows.

We all want an arrow that is perfectly straight and the technology used to make these results in an arrow that is straight to 1/10,000 of an inch. This straightness is laser checked and demonstrates the superior quality of these arrows.

These arrows are dynamically designed with precision in mind. They are made from the highest quality carbon and have been manufactured with improved spine control.

They are incredibly flexible and the patented material that is used in crafting these arrows means that the flight is massively improved. This is achieved by containing the flex of the arrow to the Red Zone, with the ends of the arrow remaining much stiffer.

These arrows are much narrower than others meaning that the rate of penetration is vastly improved and they will not be as affected by wind and other factors during flight.

This is a high-tech arrow, available in sets of 6 or 12 that will astonish you with their accuracy and consistency.

Linkboy Archery Carbon Arrows – Best Value

Not all carbon arrows have to break the bank and the good news is that there are many fine examples of this. The LInkboy carbon arrows come in a striking green colour so you won’t ever lose sight of them and perform just as well as some of the higher-priced options.

These are 32-inch arrows but one of the best things about them is that they are fully customisable. Upon purchasing, the manufacturer will adjust the arrows to suit your needs, completely free of charge; it’s all part of the service.

Choose from any length shaft, various colours for the vane and nock as well as adding weight points depending on the type of archery you will practice.

The Linkboy carbon arrows are crafted from one of the best quality carbons we have seen in a more affordable arrow. This means that they remain durable whilst being incredibly flexible; perfect for bowhunters and target practice alike.

They are also extremely straight which will help you to achieve pinpoint accuracy with every shot. Consistency of the aim of the game here and these arrows deliver perfectly on that.

One of the most notable things about these arrows, however, is their versatility. They have been designed to be used with compound bows, recurves and longbows so no matter what your equipment, you can benefit from their excellence.

Things To Consider When Buying Carbon Arrows

When choosing which carbon arrows to purchase, there are several things that you will need to think about. This will help to ensure that you always get the best bang for your buck and a product that will stand the test of time and quality.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you should expect from a good carbon arrow.


We have talked a lot about how durable carbon arrows are and for the most part, your arrows will last a long time.

However, there are manufacturers that do not use the best materials and this can drastically affect the overall lifespan of the arrow. Many archers are tempted into buying cheaper carbon arrows but soon find out that this was at the sacrifice of better quality carbon and the arrows will need to be replaced much more quickly.


It is entirely possible to cut an arrow yourself after you have purchased a set. However, this often means investing in an arrow cutter, especially when they are made of carbon.

It is far easier to select the length of your arrow before you buy; manufacturers will often cut them to size for you.

The length of your arrow will depend on the type of archery you do and the conditions in which you shoot. For example, a longer arrow might be more adversely affected in windy conditions, especially over longer distances.


Carbon is typically pretty lightweight by nature but there are varying weights when it comes to carbon arrows.

You should be very mindful of this when choosing your arrow as the weight can have an effect on the performance. Once again, you will need to consider which type of archery you do.

Bowhunters will do much better with a heavier arrow whereas those practising target shooting will likely find that lighter arrows serve them better. This is because a bowhunting arrow will need weight behind it to penetrate the target and kill it. Conversely, a target arrow will need to be light to get a greater flight.


The thickness of the spine is the most important consideration here. A narrow arrow will be far more accurate. If you have problems with your accuracy, it could be because of the thickness of the arrows you are using and moving to something smaller could solve the problem.


We have mentioned that there are options when it comes to price and if you are short on cash then you will be able to find some decent budget-friendly carbon arrows.

However, like most things, you often get what you pay for and some of the more expensive carbon arrows deliver impeccable performance.

For this reason, we would always recommend going for the best quality you can afford.


In the main, fletchings or vanes come in one of two forms; plastic or feather and these have an incredible impact on the accuracy of your arrow.

There are pros and cons to both kinds. While plastic vanes tend to be much more durable, they don’t have the adjustability of feathers. That being said, a lot of pros will lean towards using feathers since they tend to make the arrow that little bit more accurate. But you will need to be prepared for the fact that they are much more delicate.


There are arrows that come with the nocks already attached and those that require you to fix the nock to the arrow after purchase.

If you want to adjust the length of the arrow then you might be better buying it without a nock. You should also keep in mind that some arrows have nocks that are poorly attached and can come off.

This is another important aspect of quality and in more expensive carbon arrows, you will notice the quality of the nock is far greater.


Carbon arrows are one of the most expensive types of arrows on the market but they are also one of the most durable and accurate. This makes them a favourite of both bowhunters and target archers.

Not only are they diverse but carbon arrows offer some of the greatest precision in archery. Even for traditional archers, shooting longbows or recurve bows, carbon arrows offer a modern take on a traditional method.

While there are a lot of carbon arrows available, it is important to check the various features of the arrow to make sure that it will be fit for purpose. Look at the arrow length, weight, fletching and its durability. This will give you a greater idea of the quality and suitability of each product.

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