Best Target Arrows packs(6 Pack vs. 12 Pack)

What’s better for target practice? Is a 12-pack more valuable than a 6-pack? Should you go for feathers instead of plastic vanes? What is it that makes the best target arrows for a compound bow? In this article we gonna find great target arrows you can buy without going broke.

The answers aren’t always simple. In order to make things easier to understand, we’ve reviewed two very different sets of arrows – 6-pack and 12 pack.

They may look similar on paper but the results and their requirements are easy to dismiss if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

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MS Jumper Carbon Arrows 6-pack

The MS Jumper Carbon Arrows feature 4” feathers and a high-quality carbon fiber shaft. They’re rated 400 for the spine but they also come with 100 grain arrow heads.

Although they’re advertised as great for bows with a peak draw of 65 pounds, you might want to consider using them in a lower draw class, maybe around 50 to 55 lbs. if you want to squeeze more accuracy and maintain their durability.

They also come in various lengths so you get your choice of 28 or 31 inches for the shaft. Regardless of model, the shaft diameter is always 7.4 mm on the outside. Given that you can choose the size of the shaft, these arrows are something you can use for quite some time.

Just imagine that you can grow into them as your draw length gets bigger. If you’re already familiar with the model and the flight pattern, all you have to do is adjust the size to continue having your fun.

Interestingly enough, these arrows don’t have a lot of hand shock. Granted, this aspect is not solely determined by the quality of the arrows; you’ll also need a decent bow too to minimize the effect.

The feather fletchings have a peltate shape and the color scheme matches the rest of the arrow. The bottom part is black and the top is a darker shade of red.

Another advantage of using feathers is that the flight pattern is quite clean, given you’re using the bow in good weather conditions. The release is clean and the arrows fly straight once you get the hang of things. We’ve noticed that with a bit of skill you can get close to center mass from 100 yards away.

We find that the range you can achieve with these arrows is very impressive considering the price.

Now speaking of price, it’s worth pointing out that this MS Jumper set contains just 6 arrows. For some, this may make the price a bit steep, but don’t forget to take into account the high-quality of the arrows.

While some sets feature 12 arrows, few of them are as high-end as these. Most 12-arrow sets in this price range (twice as cheap on a per arrow basis) feature expendable arrows. You get more arrows because they break easier and the spine rating also degrades faster.

As far as value for the money goes, the MS Jumper exceeded our expectations.

The Good
High-quality arrows that are budget friendly are hard to come by. However, it’s the variable shaft length that caught our attention even more. Just as some prefer a specific type of bow, we prefer a certain brand of arrows. Since these have the potential to grow with the user, we find the variable shaft length as a most noteworthy feature.

The Bad
While not technically bad, feather fletchings do have their limitations. If you’re planning to use these arrows whenever you feel the itch to hit a target, you might not like them that much. Even light rain or high humidity will likely alter the flight path of the arrows.

• Good value for the money
• Multiple shaft lengths
• High-quality carbon fiber shaft
• 400 spine

• Can’t use them in all weather

Misayar 30” Carbon Arrows 12-pack

These arrows are very similarly priced to the MS Jumper set. However, right off the bat you’ll notice that this set has twice the number of arrows. As we’ve already said, whenever you get 12 arrows for the same as sets of 6, you have to start questioning the durability.

Are these the best target arrows for a compound bow? Oddly enough, they probably are for some people. For instance, if you want to shoot more arrows before you run over to pick them up, a 12-pack is clearly superior.

But, convenience aside, they are quite expendable. If you really want to compare them to the MS Jumpers, they’ll probably last you just as long as the 6-pack arrow set will; this says a lot about the craftsmanship.

An interesting difference is in the form of replaceable tips. Misayar equipped their arrows with both broadheads and target points. Therefore, you have the option of taking a break from target practicing to go hunt small game.

We say small game because the 500 spine rating won’t allow you to go hunting for deer. You don’t have the penetration or the accuracy for clean shots in a hunt. But we digress.

For all intents and purposes, these arrows are made for the archery range. Although advertised as also suitable for hunting, they simply don’t perform as they should.

The carbon shaft has a 7.8 mm diameter on the outside and a length of 30”. Compared to the MS Jumper arrow set, this is a non-negotiable aspect. If your draw is lower than 28-29” these arrows won’t fit your needs.

The fletchings are standard 3” plastic vanes which are colored with yellow and red to match the rest of the design. Since they’re plastic and not turkey feathers, you’ll have no problem using them during light rain.

The Good
We prefer plastic vanes as it allows us to shoot at the practice range in all types of weather conditions. It’s this aspect that we find most appealing about the Misayar target arrows and the 30” standard design is more than enough in our opinion.

The Bad
Having just one shaft length makes this arrow design less versatile than the MS Jumper above. They’re not as durable either.

• Plastic vanes
• Removable tips
• Good for target practice
• Decent flight pattern

• Expendable design
• Only available with a 30” shaft


To the untrained eye, either of these arrow sets could be seen as the best target arrows for a compound bow. However, we know how to spot the differences.

Both arrow designs are good for target practice, but at the end of the day it’s a matter of personal preference as to which one is a better fit for you.

If you like shooting day and night, and don’t want to be affected by weather conditions, then the 12-pack Misayar has got you covered.

If you prefer something that you can test on different draw lengths and something with less drag in the air, then the 6-pack MS Jumper is probably a better fit.

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