How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Bow?

Depending on where you take your bow, and the type of equipment you are using, the price that it will cost to restring may vary.

One of the most important things is to do your research and fully understand the ins and outs of restringing a bow, as this will allow you to source the best deal for you and will prevent you from overspending.

This article will give you all of the information on how much it costs to restring a bow and any variants on this.

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Why Is It Important To Restring Your Bow?

There are several reasons why bow maintenance is essential; of course, the most obvious thing would be that the device’s performance would be adversely affected if it is not well-maintained. Furthermore, you will find that your bow remains much more consistent with each shot when the strings are in good condition.

What Does Restringing Mean?

Restringing your bow simply means to replace its strings. As you use the bow, you will find that the quality and effectiveness of the strings will deteriorate. Replacing them regularly is the only way to ensure that your bow’s performance remains where it should.

There is no right or wrong time to restring the bow, and you will need to learn when it is time, but you might consider how much it has been used or whether you feel that you can continue shooting it effectively. Some people schedule in a restringing every so often as part of their overall bow maintenance, and if you use your bow consistently, you may be able to work out how frequently it needs doing. However, there is some suggestion that as little as every two years is acceptable.

How Much Do Bow String Cost?

One of the most important things to think about when getting new strings for your bow is the cost of the strings themselves. If you can do the work yourself, then the overall cost will be much less because you won’t need to fork out for labor –  but we will look at that in a little more detail later on.

As with anything, you will pay for quality, and so it is essential to look at the different strings on offer. Sadly, it is unlikely that you will find exceptionally durable strings and sound quality without spending a little more. In contrast, you might consider that since this is something that does not need to be done very often, investing in top of the range strings could be a sensible idea.

It is entirely possible to pick up a set of bow strings for as little as $60; however, if you want something a little more high-end, you might expect to pay in excess of $200. But as we have mentioned, going for quality will ensure that the strings last longer, and you will likely spend less over time than if you have to keep replacing less durable strings.

How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Bow?

If you are going to be using your bow a lot, it may be a wise idea to learn how to master the art of restringing yourself. This will save you a lot of money in labor costs.

However, it is essential to remember that this process does take a certain degree of skill and at times, many even be risky – if you are in any doubt whatsoever, it is a better idea to take your bow to a professional who will ensure the work is carried out safely and correctly.

It is also worth considering that if the strings are not correctly fitted, the performance and longevity of the strings will be vastly compromised.

But when you learn that it can cost as little as $20 to have a new set of strings installed on your bow, you begin to appreciate that this is a very affordable price, especially considering the frequency of the job.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Restringing A Bow?

Of course, there are things that will affect how much it costs to restring your bow, and this could be a minor consideration, such as your location.

However, in the main, there are three things that will affect how much you are expected to pay to restring your bow;

  • The quality of the strings, as we have learned, will massively affect the cost. This is potentially the factor with the most considerable difference.
  • The service you receive may depend on the experience of the person fitting the strings as well as where the store is located.
  • Customizing the strings may also impact the price. It is possible to choose custom colors, and depending on the brand, you might pay varying costs. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the brand does not always have a bearing on the quality of the strings. It is far wiser to test the strings and make a decision based on user- experience over a well-known name.

All in all, thinking about the cost of the strings and the service to install them onto the bow, you can expect to pay an average of $150, assuming that you have not opted to top of the range strings. Even at this price, you would expect to receive a service that is second to none and strings that will perform for a lengthy period of time.

Can I Restring My Bow At Home?

It is absolutely viable to restring your bow at home, although because this is something of an art, you may need to practice a little before you get it right. Over time, however, this will save you a little cash since you will avoid paying a fitting fee.

As we have already discussed, not fitting the strings properly can be very problematic, so following our top tips for restringing a bow is essential.

  • The first step is to locate the limb bolts that connect to the riser of the bow and insert an Allen wrench into them. You must turn the wrench counterclockwise until the pressure is released, then step onto the bow riser so that it remains in a fully drawn position.
  • Next, take the bow with one hand and use your other hand to insert the strings into the teardrop fittings at either end of the device. You can then begin to lower the bow until such a point that the limbs return to their normal position.
  • You should be sure to place the strings into the correct grooves and then prepare to remove the old ones.
  • Once again, you will need to step onto the bow and achieve a fully drawn position before removing the old strings and lowering the bow back down.
  • The final step is to retighten the bolts and ensure that everything is firmly in place.


Many people may be under the impression that restringing a bow takes a lot of time, effort, and cash. But this could not be further from the truth.

Fortunately, you will only need to restring your bow every two to three years, unless you are using it very heavily. This means that the small cost of restringing a bow does not come very often.

On average, and with all things considered, you can expect to pay around $150 to restring your bow, but this may alter slightly depending on certain factors like whether you can do it yourself and the quality of the strings.


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