The best compound bow for woman

Finding the perfect bow can be daunting because there are so many factors to consider, and a ton of research to conduct.

However, the best compound bow for women is not out of reach. This article reviews 3 of the best bows on the market. And, important factors such as draw weight, length, and weight are taken into consideration.

Lastly, keep reading to find out the best compound bow for women. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you may find the perfect one for you. So, let’s get started.

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Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Bear Archery is a leader in hunting and archery bows and the Cruzer Lite compound bow is another great entry in the world of archery. This bow is geared towards youths, but women can also take advantage of the smaller compound bow.


Like all compound bows, the Cruzer Lite has adjustable draw lengths and weights, but what’s great about this one is that the adjustable ranges are higher than most adult bows. An adjustable length allows you to change the draw length without having to visit a local shop. You can adjust it with an Allen wrench. But, it’s easy to strip the bolt heads.

The draw length range is from 12 inches to 27 inches. But, for women you may find you are adjusting it towards the maximum length, especially since this bow is advertised for youth use.

Additionally, an adjustable draw weight can grow with you as you get stronger. It has 5- to 45-lbs. draw weight. So, it starts off very easy, but, you can adjust it as your skill and strength improves.

The length and weight may be too small for some women. This bow is suitable for very petite women, or beginners, especially for women who don’t have much strength.

Next, the Cruzer Lite features an advanced grip design. The design helps increase accuracy by decreasing hand torque. The bow is available for left or right-hand grip. And, you can get it in a variety of colors.

It also features an offset string suppressor by Rockstops. This helps limit cable and string vibration. If you want a quieter bow, the included suppressor is a great perk.

This bow comes ready to use with all the accessories you need for a successful hunt. The Cruzer Lite includes sight, stabilizer, quiver, nock loop, and whisker biscuit. And, the overall weight is 3.2 pounds.

Lastly, this bow can shoot up to 290 fps. It is fairly powerful for a light bow. And, your fps can grow with you as your strength increases.


  • Adjustable draw length
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • 5 accessories included for use right away
  • Shoots up to 290 fps
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Left or right hand


  • May be too small or light for some women
  • Easy to strip the bolt headst
  • The most expensive on this list

Bottom Line

This may be the best compound bow for women if you have a generous budget. It comes equipped with 5 Trophy Ridge accessories so that you are ready to use it out of the box (just need arrows). Another added benefit is being able to adjust the draw length and weight from the comfort of your home.

Since this compound bow is geared towards youths, you may find it too small. However, petite women or beginners may find this bow perfect, especially since it is adjustable; it can grow with your skill and strength.

Lastly, practical options like hand orientation and color options make this more appealing than other bows that offer the similar stats.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs. 30” Compound Bow

If you are looking for an economical compound bow, Southland Archery Supply may have a bow for you. The SAS Rage 70 Lbs. 30” compound bow is a durable option for women. And, it’s a great bow for practice.

This bow features an adjustable draw length of 25 inches to 31 inches. You can take it to your local shop to have it adjusted to your individual needs. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust this one at home.
The draw weight is between 55 and 70 pounds. The compound bow has layered limbs for slight adjustments to the draw weight. If you tighten the bolt it will increase the draw by 5 pounds. Otherwise, loosening it will drop the draw weight by 5 pounds.

For bigger adjustments, you need to visit a pro shop. But, the draw weights for this 70-lb. bow are a little higher than other on this list. And, it may be more appropriate for strong women.
Next, from axle to axle this compound bow is 35 inches. Make sure you know your measurements before buying the bow. If it’s too short for you it will be more difficult to use.

The total weight is 4.4 pounds. And, though you can’t choose from many colors, it does have curb appeal. It has a waffle look because of the cut-outs in the riser.

Lastly, the arrow speed is 270 fps maximum. This is a decent speed, especially for such an affordable compound bow. And, it is more than enough for field target, 3D archery, and some bow hunting.

Please note that this compound bow does not come with bow accessories such as stabilizer, suppressor, D-loops, arrow release, sight, or arrow rest. You can purchase packages that come with this gear, but, you may also want to source out your own pieces individually.


  • Can make slight draw weight adjustments at home
  • High fps for a budget bow
  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Does not come with accessories (basic bow)
  • Need to take to pro shop for adjustments
  • Vibration may loosen screws

Bottom Line

This is a great option for your first compound bow. It is economical and suitable for various purposes. However, you can’t use it out of the box. And, the savings for this bow may be cancelled out because of the additional accessories you need to purchase to use it.

This may be the best compound bow for women on a budget, or just looking for something to practice on. Lastly, remember that for most installations and adjustments you need to have access to a pro shop. If this may be a problem for you, you may want to pass.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Looking for a mid-range compound bow for women? Leader Accessories has a great option for you. This right-handed option has everything you need for archery.

The draw weight for this compound bow is 30 to 55 pounds; this is perfect for most women. Your draw weight will depend on your individual needs.

You can easily adjust the draw weight with an Allen key. Simply turn the bolts clockwise to make it heavier. Or, counter-clockwise to decrease the weight. And, as you may already know, you need to adjust both limbs equally.

Additionally, you can also adjust the draw length. The draw length range is 19 to 29 inches. You can also use the Allen key to change the length as needed.

To do this, free the module by loosening the bolt in the cam. Next, replace the bolt in the hole of your desired draw length. Lastly, tighten the bolt again.

Adjusting the draw length and weight yourself can free up your time to do other things as you don’t need to make an extra trip to the pro shop. This is convenient, but you need to know the basics for correct length and weight.

Next, this compound bow is fairly compact. It is 28 inches axle to axle. And, it’s only 3.3 pounds. The let-off is 70%, which is the average for all the bows on this list.

The FPS is decent as well, at 296. It is more than enough speed for target practice. And, it’s suitable for some types of bow hunting.

This compact bow comes with some accessories if you buy the kit. This includes: a drop-away arrow rest, fiber optic sight, release aid, D string loop, and peep sight. It also comes with wax and two 30” aluminum arrows.

However, if you prefer your bow naked. You can also just buy the bow for a slightly reduced price. You will have to spend extra money to buy the needed accessories, though.


  • Adjustable draw length and weight
  • Light and compact
  • Fast maximum fps


  • Accessories not included with basic bow
  • Peep sight may be unstables
  • String frays easily

Bottom Line

This is a decent mid-price range bow. It’s good as an introductory bow. But, you may find that you quickly outgrow this bow.

However, it’s small and quick. And, the user adjustable draw length and weight is a bonus if you don’t have time for constant pro adjustments.

Lastly, despite the inexpensive price, the kit accessories are a bit cheap. Not bad for beginners, but you will want to replace them with better pieces as your skill level increases.

Compound Bow Considerations

If you are looking for the best compound bow for women, here are a few points to consider. Buying a bow for women isn’t much different than for men. But, there may be a few differences.

Axle Length
This is the total length of the bow. Many of the compound bows you look at may be youth bows because the shorter length may be easier for a woman to yield, especially if you are petite.

A shorter bow is easy to maneuver. But, they require more practice and are harder to shoot. Whereas a bow with a longer axle is more forgiving.

The axle length will be relative to your own size. Remember that just because it is a “smaller” or “youth” bow doesn’t mean that it is automatically a short bow. It really depends on your own stature.

Draw Length
Next, you may find that many of the compound bows you look at have an adjustable length. Unless you are still growing, though, you may not use this feature very much.

Typically, you can find out your own draw length by measuring your arm length, or “wing span,” and dividing it by 2.5; this is the most reliable way to figure out your draw length. But, you can also go to a pro shop and have them adjust the length for you.

You may also find that you don’t really need an adjustable draw length after the initial adjustment. Especially if you are an adult. This is because you are not growing anymore. So, your arm length may not change.

Lastly, the adjustable feature is most useful for youths. But, you may also find you need this feature as your skill grows and you need to make micro adjustments.

Draw Weight
The draw weight is the amount of strength you need to exert to get a full draw on a compound bow; this is expressed in pounds. The draw weight depends on the individual, and, it is not necessarily indicative of your skill level.

To get the correct draw weight for you, you need to figure out the point that you can pull back slowly and smoothly. Remember, you don’t want to fight your bow. And, if you have too much weight for your draw weight you will not be able to hold a draw for very long.

Additionally, all compound bows come with adjustable draw weight. It’s just a matter of the top draw weight and the range. This feature is very useful because your capacity can change, unlike your draw length. The draw weight correlates to your level of strength.

As you continue to use your bow, you may find that your strength increases. Having an adjustable feature is convenient. And, reduces your need to stop at the pro shop.

Overall Bow Weight
Lastly, your overall bow weight may be more important if you are planning to use it for hunting. However, you may not see as much impact if you will only use the bow for targets. Why?

When you are hunting, you will lug this compound bow through the woods; sometimes for hours. A lighter bow can be easier to carry for long periods of time. But, it may be louder. And, the string vibration may scare game away.

On the other hand, heavier bows are quieter. But, you may find it tiresome to carry for hours on end. Also, bow heaviness is relative. So, what may be heavy or light for some may not be the same for others.

Additional Considerations

A compound bow with all the bells and whistles may be tempting to you. But, if you are a beginner you don’t need all that – yet. What you do need is a basic bow that is matched to your body’s proportions and strength.

The best bow for a woman is one that is as simple as possible as you learn. And, know that you can get all the fancy extras later down the road as your skill increases.

Realistic about your strength
Think you need a compound bow with the fastest fps? Not really. Especially if you are just starting out. You will probably be shooting at field targets more than you will be hunting live game.

So, you need to be able to comfortably pull the bowstring back. And, it needs to happen consistently. To hit 300 fps takes a lot of strength and your strength level may not be there yet.

That’s okay, though. It’s better to work up to that point. You will have more fun working with a weight you can handle, rather than overexerting yourself and fighting your bow.

Lots of options
Compound bows have different features to choose from. Some are standard across the market. And, some are unique. The most important thing is to consider is what you really need for accuracy and performance.

Types of Compound Bows

There are many types of compound bows available on the market. Are you familiar with your choices? Here are a few of the most popular types:

Single Cam
The single cam bow has an idler wheel at the top. On the bottom, you will typically see an elliptical power cam. These types of compound bows are easy to use.

Consequently, many of the compound bows you look at will be this type. It’s also relatively quiet. But, it’s harder to tune.

Hybrid Cam
Like the single cam, the hybrid has a power cam on the bottom. But, it has a control cam on the top. Not an idler wheel.

This type of cam reduces the nock travel. But, it may be appealing because it is easy to tune. And it doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other types.

Twin Cams
Next, the twin cams type is a more sophisticated bow. It uses two round or elliptical cams on each end. This type of bow is known for its precision and accuracy.

But, the twin cams bow requires more maintenance and tuning. And, that translates to frequent trips to a pro shop. You may not need a complex bow like this if you are just starting out.

Binary Cams
Lastly, you may be hard pressed to find this type of bow. But, it works like the twin cams type. The difference is rather than being slaved to the limbs, the cams are slaved to each other.

This type of bow requires a lot of maintenance and tuning. But, the trade-off is straight nock travel. And, it is one of the highest velocity bows available.

Additional Accessories

Some accessories are essential for beginners. But, some are just for convenience. Here are a few essential accessories that attach to your bow’s riser:

When you are using a compound bow, getting the correct sight is invaluable. But, there are so many to choose from. One type is the multi-pin bow sight.

A multi-pin sight has 3, 5, or 7 pins. These are visible when you look through the sight aperture. You can use these pins to measure distance for different types of archery targets.

Next, you may also see pendulum sights. You would only need this type if you are sighting on uneven ground or from a tree stand. As your bow tilts the sight will remain even with the ground to give you good sight while performing downward shots.

Additionally, you may also see magnifying bow sights. But, this type of sight is rare. And, you may not even need it depending on your own eyesight.

Lastly, the peep sight is the most common type of sight you will see. But, you typically can’t use them in archery competitions. The peep sight helps you align the string to your target and the foresight. This can help with accuracy, but you don’t necessarily need it.

Next, quivers are where you keep the bows. They can range in placement; some go directly on the compound bow and attach to your riser. Otherwise, you may have a back or side quiver that you wear on your body.

As you may imagine, quivers are not essential but, they are definitely convenient. The last thing you want to do is grope around for your arrows.

However, there is no “right” way to place your quiver. This is all personal preference. For example, if you are a hunter you may want the quiver attached to your bow for easy access. But, if you are doing field or 3D target archery, body quivers may be more to your liking.

If you are serious about archery, you may as well get stabilizers as soon as possible. You will rarely see a serious archer without one. Why is it essential?

Stabilizers help steady your shots when you are aiming. They also reduce vibration and noise, and they help with torque.

These are usually an additional accessory that you can purchase for your compound bow. But, it is worth the investment. And, there are many types available on the market to suit your individual needs.

Arrow Rests
Additionally, you will need an arrow rest for your compound bow. But, the right arrow rest depends on what you plan on doing with your bow. There are two main types of arrow rests. They are the fall/drop away and the whisker biscuit.

The fall/drop away arrow rest has no contact with the fletching on the arrow and the rest. It is designed to hold the shaft of the arrow. But, it drops or falls away after you release your shot.

A whisker biscuit, on the other hand, totally encloses the arrow. It supports the arrow in all directions and does not fall away. When you release your shot, the fletching travels through the whiskers of this arrow rest.

Finally, fall/drop away rests are a little faster and more accurate. But, they are not as sturdy as whisker biscuits.
Typically, field and 3D archers may prefer fall- or drop-away rests, while hunters may gravitate towards whisker biscuits.

This is not a hard and fast rule, though. There are many types of arrow rests on the market. And, many of them have unique features that may be appealing for different types of archery.

Wrist Slings
Whether or not you need a wrist sling is strictly a personal preference, but the reason you would need one is so that your compound bow doesn’t hit the floor after a shot.

In the past, you may have needed one to prevent your bow from jumping from your hand. But, modern compound bow designs have reduced this.

If you will be hunting, however, you may want to consider buying one. Especially if you will be shooting angled shots from any height. Consider, for example, shooting from a tree stand.

When you are in a tree stand and your bow jumps out of your hand. It will land on the ground. Sometimes 15 or 20 feet below you. And, not only will you have to go down to get it. It may get damaged in the fall.

However, if you only plan on shooting field targets this may not be a necessity. Even if you lose your grip after a shot, you may be able to catch it before it falls to the ground.

Final Thoughts

The best compound bow for women is the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow. It is perfect for beginners or petite women. And, it comes with high-end accessories.

Being able to choose hand orientation and bow color is also appealing, but, it is expensive for a beginner’s bow.
If you want one that is a bit cheaper, the SAS Rage 70 Lbs. 30” Compound Bow may be appropriate for you. The draw weight range is quite a bit heavier. So, it may be more suitable for women with some strength. Plus, it allows for ample room to grow.

And, if you want a smaller and lighter compound bow option, you may want to look into the Leader Accessories Compound Bow. The basic bow is decent for someone who is just getting into archery. But, you may want to invest in buying your accessories separately for better quality.

Lastly, your archery needs are very individual. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean that any old compound bow will do. Invest in the right one for you.

Find one that fits your own body stature and strength. The best compound bow for you will be the one that fits your own specific needs. And, when you get the right one you will find that practice time is much more enjoyable.

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